Which Yoga Style is better?

In reality, we can’t really prioritize a particular yoga style over another. However, if you ask which particular style would be best for you individually, the answer is that it depends on your specific requirements and expectations from yoga. Therefore, just think about what you want to get out of performing yoga and list down the reasons. We have enlisted some of the most popular styles of yoga and their key benefits, so read through them carefully and make a knowledgeable choice. 

  • Hatha Yoga

It’s one of the most original forms of yoga where you combine different body postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to rejuvenate your body and mind. All the recent yoga styles are derived from Hatha Yoga. It’s especially beneficial for beginners due to its slow pace. It has basic poses that can be performed by anyone and primarily focuses on breathing. 

  • Vinyasa

Fluid Yoga or Vinyasa is popular because of its fluid-like transitions between the different poses. Breathing is a key element as all the poses primarily rotate around your breathing techniques. Vinyasa is quite a diverse form of yoga with multiple poses and a lot of variety, so if you are looking to sweat a bit, then this style is for you. 

  • Bikram

Also known as Hot Yoga, Bikram is done in a sauna-like room with a high temperature and humidity levels. A total of 26 poses with two breathing exercises are routine in every class of Bikram. It flushes out toxins from your body and helps you dig deep into the stretches due to the high temperature. It builds stamina immensely; however, it is not a recommended practice for people who have problems with heat and especially pregnant women. 

  • Yin

Based on the Taoist traditions, Yin Yoga focuses on passive postures. It is a highly meditative technique; therefore, it requires patience as the poses are held for 20 minutes or so. It is a recommended practice for people searching for a piece of their minds. It’s also recommended to fitness enthusiasts to release the tension within their overworked joints. 

  • Iyengar

An extension of the Hatha Yoga, Iyengar yoga believes in the perfection of every pose. For this, the instructors use various props, including blocks, straps, chairs, etc. The yoga primarily focuses on linking various asanas together. This yoga type is recommended for yogis who are advanced in their form and are searching for better alignment to attain maximum benefit. For beginners, it will give a better insight into the right posture forms. 

  • Jock

Jock focuses on strength and endurance, along with flexibility. It’s a form of power yoga that has vigorous movements and contemporary music. It’s a high energy yoga type and is therefore recommended to athletes and yoga skeptics to increase their strength and open up stiff muscles.

  • Restorative 

If you want soft yoga, then restorative yoga is certainly the right choice for you. It focuses on easing up the mind and soul by performing basic poses with pillows and straps. It’s an excellent meditation technique and helps recover from any sort of social trauma. 

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